What Background Music Do You Prefer in Albion Online


I wrote already a thread about this subject in the forum section “general questions & discussions” but I think it was the wrong section so here my suggestion.
I quote my thread.

Let me quick introduce myself.
I’m now for 3 days a fan of albion online and I think it becomes in the future a great game.

I saw some videos on YouTube an read some forum threads to get free Albion Online Silver. Many player said their is no background music at all.
Excuse me please for not already purchasing this game. So that is why i can’t prove right now if this already established.

What Background Music Do You Prefer in Albion Online

So if it isn’t established already I have a possible idea for this.
I propose you in my opinion a good composer.

Before I telling you the rest.

I am not in any case related to this composer, except I am a huge fan of his work. So I don’t get any credits or money for this.

The composers youtube channel is named Adrian von Ziegler.

I think his work is pretty decent and most of it could easily fit in the world of albion / albion online.

Please hear some of his work and tell me what you think of it and my AO Gold trading.

So in the next few days I must buy albion, to make sure that you know I am developer. XD

I wish you a great time while playing.

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