Gender and Race Change Function Coming to Blade & Soul [KR]


The Korean server of Blade & Soul is going to get a highly-anticipated function: gender and race change. This function may probably require some cash, but the exact amount hasn’t been revealed yet. You can take a look at the short video below to see how this function works.

Last month, the Chinese server of Blade & Soul also announced the gender change function, with a gender changing card to be released this year. Currently there is still no word on this update for the western server, and I guess it may take a few months before it happens. By the way, the western server of Blade & Soul is just going to get the Silverfrost Mountains expansion. Don’t forget to try the new features on March 23rd.

Gender and Race Change Function Coming to Blade & Soul [KR]


Blade & Soul Silverfrost Mountains Expansion Trailer


Following the Rising Waters update in early March, NCSoft is going to roll out next expansion Silverfrost Mountains for Blade & Soul on March 23, bringing new zones, quests, challenging endgame content and more.

Blade & Soul: the Rising Issue of Macro Users


Blade & Soul kicked off in the west rather smoothly and it seemed that players were mostly satisfied with the current state of the Korean MMORPG.

Recently, I decided to spend a few hours with 1v1 and 3v3 arena matches and it was a common thing to see frustrated players complaining about macro users. In fact, everytime I was waiting in the PvP lobby I saw constant arguments going on about overpowered macros and even cheaters.

Blade & Soul: the Rising Issue of Macro Users

For those who do not know, macros basically provide automated rotations for players and also greatly enhance the weaving technique in Blade & Soul. This advantage can significantly increase a player’s damage output. But the most important aspect of macros is the exclusion of human error. Macros, unless the user is experiencing net lag, will always press the right keys with the defined delays and thus weaving becomes extremely simple. All the player has to do is basically move around with the character while holding down the macro key on the keyboard or mouse and all the skills will be used automatically. Quite boring if you ask me.

Understandably, players who can’t or don’t want to use macros are often beaten by those who do, which results in plenty of frustration and complaining on global channels and forums. The official Korean and Chinese servers were already facing issues with worse things than macros, including stuff like third-party programs for fully automated rotation and, of course,speedhackers. It will probably not take long for these programs to get their NA and EU equivalents that will most likely produce further disappointments.

I would not be surprised if NCSoft ends up deciding to ban macro users from Blade & Soul because the pressure from angered players is stacking up and complainers are waiting for a solution. Macro users are probably present in almost every MMORPG, and I don’t really blame them. The gamer mouse developing companies are releasing more and more complex gaming mice that bring their own macro software and players are more than happy to use them. This is probably a phenomenon that affects not only MMORPGs but online shooters and MOBAs too.

How to Level Up Fast in Blade & Soul


How to Level Up Fast in Blade & Soul

As we all know, making gold is very important in a game, and blade & soul is without exception. When your character goes to high level, it needs more blade and soul gold to strengthen weapons or accessories. But how to level up fast in blade and soul ? Here, we share some tips with BNS players.

Like other MMOs, most of the progression comes from quests that you must complete. These quests can give you various rewards that is benefit for you, such as experience, ingredients and materials.

1. During Lv5 – Lv10, you need to finish all available quests. After finishing some quests, they will drop stones that you can use in the Wheel of Fortune system.
The stones function like tickets for the Wheel of Fortune. The stones will provide a random item to you after you have spun the wheel. These items are very important sometimes. For example, they are essential materials for strengthening your weapon. In that case, you need to repeat to do the quest to farm the stones.

2. After finishing side quests, you can get unique reward, such as soul shields which can help you gain strength and more experience.

3. Spend some time in grinding mobs. It is best to grind mobs on Lv10 – Lv15. You can gain more experience through grinding mobs, and you can’t get this experience from finishing quests. The Dragon Soup items can boost the experience that you gain from combat, so you can grind mobs with the Dragon Soup together to gain more experience.

4. Group up other players to grind the same area, and then you can finish grind easily.

5. Build the right character. Leveling up depends on two factors: how much AOE damage that your class has, and the defensive strength of your class. I think you won’t expect to move ahead with a poorly equipment and low defensive strength.

6. It is necessary to strengthen your weapon with gems and accessories, even if your level is high, since you need to improve your damage ability.

All in all, you may level up slowly at first stage (Lv1 – Lv10), and then speed up fast at high-level. When you reach Lv45 or Lv45+, you can take the game at your own pace, and use your way to reach Lv50.

Blade & Soul and The Wheels of Fate


Blade & Soul introduced a quite unique and highly addictive way of obtaining some rare outfits, evolution material weapons and accessories and Shield pieces. We played around a few hours with these spinning wheels and these are our findings.

Wheels of Fate are located in some of the major zones of Blade & Soul and by obtaining certain types of essences you are able to spin them and receive various nifty rewards. Some of these rewards are essential to obtain as they are required to evolve our weapons and accessories.

We can already encounter a Wheel of Fate around level 8 in Foshi Pyres where we can obtain one of the best-looking outfits, the Jiangshi Raiment and also the first weapon that is necessary to evolve our class weapon.


The essences that are required to spin the Wheel of Fate are acquired from World Bosses that spawn very often, usually within minutes. Most of the times, you will find plenty of players who are grinding these bosses (mainly on Channel 1) and you don’t even need to group up to receive the essences.

As I am fond of killer outfits, I actually spent days grinding some of the World Bosses to obtain them, including the Wolfskin that drops from the Wheel of Fate located at Lilystalk Tradepost in Lycandi Foothills. For this specific outfit, you will need to hunt Fallen Sacred Beast Lycan the Mighty. What a name, right?

There are other decent outfits that drop from Wheels of Fate, like the Stinger which can be obtained near Yehara’s Mirage in the Cinderlands.

Whether you succeed in getting these rare items from the Wheel of Fate or not, entirely depends on your luck, but the higher level outfits seem to have very small drop rates and most of the time you will be getting Shield and weapon chests that not always drop items that match your class.

As long as you manage to find some players around to kill the World Bosses, you should gain plenty of useful stuff from the Wheels of Fate, but be warned, you might just get addicted to it.

Blade & Soul – Is Crafting/Gathering System “Bad”?


Crafting/Gathering System

As you very well know crafting/gathering constitute a major part in any MMO and Blade&Soul isn’t an exception.

But how good is Blade&Soul’s crafting/gathering system?

It seems that according to forums discussions, the opinions on crafting are mostly mixed, with the majority of the players feeling pretty disappointed about how it works, but also not being downright opposed the idea.

Crafting/Gathering System

Personally, I have to agree with the majority here, while Blade&Soul does not require grinding to level up, the crafting/gathering system mechanics make up for it for the most part.
Being forced to buy only one item per order is a fatal blow to those who are multicrafting with multiple characters.

Another thing people seem to dislike are also the long respawn times of the resource nodes.

Here are some other opinions on crafting from other players :
For the most part I find the crafting and gathering disappointingly shallow. It’s pretty skip-able, and unimpressive. Obviously not a focus or target audience for the game.
It seems designed to keep people logged in for as long as possible playing a Farmville-style system.
I think the craft system is refreshingly non-grindy. It takes a real investment of playtime yo level crafting.
In my opinion, it is a pain in the rear. If you want materials you either have to buy it or pray that bots or other players didn’t gather a node first.
Gathering materials is already a pain as it is and takes a lot of time if unlucky.

Blade and Soul Soul Shield Guide


Soul Shield names, location and level requirement 1-45:

Thousand Soul set from first roulette, graveyard area. Kill Jiangshi world boss for essences. Req lvl 6

Demon set from Blackram Narrows. Suggest you do not farm unless you’re lucky with getting the set or unlucky with getting the weapon for evolution. Req lvl 18.

Viridian set from merchant in Jadestone village. Need 8 Viridian valor stones, req lvl 20.

Desert heroic set from merchant by the inn in the desert. Need 8 cinderland valor stones, req lvl 28.

Desert scorpion set from roulette outside of the inn. Kill Picky world boss for essences. Do not recommend farming. Req lvl 33

Sacrificial set from Tomb of the Exiles. First real good set, recommend farming if you’re close to getting it done after you get your weapon evolution material. Worth enchanting if you have extra materials. Useable all the way to 45. Req lvl 36

Lycan set from roulette in Lycandi Foothills. Kill Fallen sacred beast world boss for essences. Req lvl 37

Moonwater set from merchant in Hogshead Hamlet. Need 8 moonwater valor stones. Req lvl 41.

Profane set from roulette at bottom right area in Moonwater plains. Kill profane jiangshi world boss for essences. Req lvl 42.

At 45, 4 different soul shields that you can farm to mix and match.

Blade & Soul Launches January 19 2016


We’re pleased to announce that Blade & Soul releases in North America and Europe at 12AM EST/9PM PST on January 19, 2016!

Available in fully localized English, French, and German, players from around the world will be able to experience the fantastical kung fu world of Blade & Soul. Featuring 7 classes—from the menacing Destroyer, to the quick-footed Blade Dancer—players will explore settings deeply rooted in ancient mythologies, and be able to master the martial arts as they seek revenge in a gripping and breathtaking story.

 Blade & Soul Launches January 19 2016

Founder’s Packs offer a number of benefits and bonuses, and will continue to be sold until Head Start—an early-access period for Founder’s Pack owners—begins on January 15. Those who have purchased the higher tier Disciple or Master Founder’s Pack will also be able to reserve names for their character ahead of time; with name reservations beginning on January 11. More information on the name reservation process is to follow.

At launch, Blade & Soul will have a max level of 45, with access to the 1v1 Arena, and two dungeons not seen in our recent Closed Beta tests: Blackram Supply Chain, and E. Fleet Supply Chain. A regular cadence of content updates and patches are planned and in-progress, and we’ll have more information on upcoming content soon after release.

We want to thank everyone who has followed the Blade & Soul release in North America and Europe up to this point, and appreciate the love and support you’ve provided. We couldn’t have made this release possible without you!