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Blade and Soul Soul Shield Guide


Soul Shield names, location and level requirement 1-45:

Thousand Soul set from first roulette, graveyard area. Kill Jiangshi world boss for essences. Req lvl 6

Demon set from Blackram Narrows. Suggest you do not farm unless you’re lucky with getting the set or unlucky with getting the weapon for evolution. Req lvl 18.

Viridian set from merchant in Jadestone village. Need 8 Viridian valor stones, req lvl 20.

Desert heroic set from merchant by the inn in the desert. Need 8 cinderland valor stones, req lvl 28.

Desert scorpion set from roulette outside of the inn. Kill Picky world boss for essences. Do not recommend farming. Req lvl 33

Sacrificial set from Tomb of the Exiles. First real good set, recommend farming if you’re close to getting it done after you get your weapon evolution material. Worth enchanting if you have extra materials. Useable all the way to 45. Req lvl 36

Lycan set from roulette in Lycandi Foothills. Kill Fallen sacred beast world boss for essences. Req lvl 37

Moonwater set from merchant in Hogshead Hamlet. Need 8 moonwater valor stones. Req lvl 41.

Profane set from roulette at bottom right area in Moonwater plains. Kill profane jiangshi world boss for essences. Req lvl 42.

At 45, 4 different soul shields that you can farm to mix and match.