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Blade & Soul – Is Crafting/Gathering System “Bad”?


Crafting/Gathering System

As you very well know crafting/gathering constitute a major part in any MMO and Blade&Soul isn’t an exception.

But how good is Blade&Soul’s crafting/gathering system?

It seems that according to forums discussions, the opinions on crafting are mostly mixed, with the majority of the players feeling pretty disappointed about how it works, but also not being downright opposed the idea.

Crafting/Gathering System

Personally, I have to agree with the majority here, while Blade&Soul does not require grinding to level up, the crafting/gathering system mechanics make up for it for the most part.
Being forced to buy only one item per order is a fatal blow to those who are multicrafting with multiple characters.

Another thing people seem to dislike are also the long respawn times of the resource nodes.

Here are some other opinions on crafting from other players :
For the most part I find the crafting and gathering disappointingly shallow. It’s pretty skip-able, and unimpressive. Obviously not a focus or target audience for the game.
It seems designed to keep people logged in for as long as possible playing a Farmville-style system.
I think the craft system is refreshingly non-grindy. It takes a real investment of playtime yo level crafting.
In my opinion, it is a pain in the rear. If you want materials you either have to buy it or pray that bots or other players didn’t gather a node first.
Gathering materials is already a pain as it is and takes a lot of time if unlucky.