Recommended MMO :Blade and Soul will be released in January 2016


Blade & Soul

The game is going to finally release in the west on January 19. You should have added this game to your play list while you are pretty familiar with the game’s content. At launch you can choose from 7 classes including Blade Master, Blade Dancer, Destroyer, Force Master, Kungfu Master, Assassin, and Summoner. Looks like Warlock will be added in future update. For now we have no idea how exactly the cash shop will be like since there will be no open beta.

While most game play content remain the same as that in Korean version, the team modifies numbers of quests and quest dialogues for the purpose of localization. Some western players don’t like it, citing that the alternation “turns the player into a strict hero archetype with no moral failings or ambiguity. Villains are now stereotypical cartoon-tier evil.” We’ll see how the community will say about to the story and quests after the launch.

Recently, NCsoft unveiled a new class for Blade & Soul. In addition, the full version of previous musical titled “Wash Painting Succuba – Jin Seo-yeon” is unveiled.

The new class could change combat modes freely as usual depending on different conditions. They are not only good at melee but also range attack. They are also helpful in recovering team members

Besides, NCsoft offered a musical titled “Wash Painting Succuba – Jin Seo-yeon” during Blade & Soul 2015 World Tournament in last November at Busan. This musical interpreted Jin Seo-yeon again with imagination and wonderful Acousto-optic effect created by the production team and artists. So far, the name of this new class has not been confirmed. The official invited players to name this new class.

You can search more information in the following website:



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